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What is TSMManager ?
TSMManager is a tool that allows the end user or administrators of IBM's Spectrum Protect and all prior versions of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), ADstaR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) and Disk Storage Manager (DSM) the ability to monitor, manage, manipulate, control, change and report on all phases and facets of TSM.
It consists of :

  • A central collector part that is in charge of all communication with up to 30 TSM servers
  • A viewer part, that can be installed on multiple PC's, supplies the user interface.  Each end user may have their own viewer on different systems (as long as they can get to the same network as the TSMManager Collector) and have the same authority as their TSM Admin ID allows.
  • A web server built into the collector that allows easy access to pulling lists for the vaulting function plus allows access for users without a TSM administrative user
  • An optional Windows agent for manipulating node schedulers and their files.This program runs as a service on each windows client and allows the TSM admin to gain access to the TSM Schedule log, the TSM Error log and the DSM.opt files.  It also allows the end user to stop and start any TSM Service running on that client machine.

Tivoli Associates develops and supports Tivoli Storage Manager implementations, backup and recovery strategies, disaster recovery, and supports IBM Spectrum Protect v8.1 and all prior versions of TSM and ADSM.

Tivoli Associates continues to provide services for Tivoli Data Center relocations, Tivoli Storage Manager Implementations, backup and recovery strategies, and disaster recovery for hundreds of companies worldwide.

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We support the IBM Storage Protect v8.1 (TSM), and all prior versions of TSM as well as ADSM.

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to obtain the latest  "Collector" and "Viewer" versions.

January 17, 2024

TSMManager Viewer version  and Collector version  are now available!


If you upgrade from version 6.6 or below, you MUST upgrade both viewer(s) and collector to 6.7

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