Internet Payments


General description of TSMManager

The purpose of TSMManager is to monitor and control TSM servers.

It consists of :

  • A central collector part that is in charge of all communication with up to 30 TSM servers.
  • A viewer part that can be installed on multiple PC's and supplies the user interface.
  • A built-in webserver that allows easy access to pulling lists for the vaulting function.

TSMManager has several functions :

A Complete Replace of the ISC Admin Center Replacement of the DRM module of TSM Extended Edition

Backupset Generation
Data Gathering
Monitoring Operations
Display Functions
Report Functions
Web Access Function

ISC Admin Center Replacement

The TSMManager viewer is a complete replacement for Tivoli's Web Sphere based ISC (Integrated Solutions Console) Administration Center. The IBM ISC uses CPU cycles and Memory that can cause stress and undue strain on your TSM Server. It is recommended by IBM that you install the ISC on a separate machine or increase memory and ensure that the CPU’s are fast enough to handle the increase workload.

TSMManager is an windows based GUI that can be run off your laptop or desktop with minimum impact to the system. IBM has been using TSMManager for systems that they manage across the country as well as being installed and used by IBM Technical Support and Advanced Technical Support organizations.

Replacement for the DRM Module of TSM Extended Edition

TSMManager provides you with a complete replacement for the DRM Module of TSM. TSMManager will generate your disaster recovery plan for TSM as well as creating all the scripts and macros you will need to recover TSM. This feature is available even if you only have TSM Basic edition.