Alert / Reporting


Once every 24 hours, at a time you decide, TSMManager will collect information about all abnormal events in your TSM server, format them and send them as an e-mail to one or more receivers. In addition to that, the report will be stored on the builtin webserver for easy access from a webbrowser.

The information collected includes :

  • Database backup not performed
  • Database nearing full
  • Maximum log usage above limit
  • Client schedules not completed
  • Clients without contact to the server
  • Client backup activities
  • Filespaces not backed up
  • Volumes in unavailable state
  • Full volumes with low utilization
  • Volumes exceeding a number of read or write errors
  • Failed processes
  • Drives not online
  • Tape storage pools with very high utilization
  • Libraries with few scratch tapes left
  • Severe, warning, error messages for the last 24 hours

All limits are user adjustable and you can select which items you want included in the report.


The collector part of TSMManager maintains a realtime watch on all messages issued by your TSM server. If an error message is encountered, it will immediately send an e-mail to one or more receivers.

You decide what severity should trigger an alert and you also have a filtering capability to filter out "harmless" error messages.

You can setup certain users to receive an alert e-mail, if a node they are responsible for fails its scheduled backup.

  • Send a daily e-mail notification informing you of exception conditions in your TSM server.
  • Show a visual indication of the servers availability, updated every 2 minutes.
  • Send you an e-mail immediately if error messages occur.
  • Send e-mail alerts to specific users if the node(s) they are responsible for fails their backups.