TSMManager has more than 50 different views of what is happening in the TSM server.
Some are display only, but most will allow you to perform any TSM commands on the objects displayed.

Just right click in the window to get a popup menu with the possible commands.

All displays can be printed and/or saved to file in WMF or commaseparated format.

Below you will see some of these samples, but there are many more!

Display and Control Functions

  • A graphical overview of the timing aspects of your client and administrative schedules
  • A graphical overview over your drive usage
  • How much data was transferred during the last 24 hours
  • How much space is taken up by each node
  • A summary of all data involving a certain node
  • On which volumes a node has its data
  • Status of all volumes
  • Warning window with all abnormal conditions
  • Graphic overview of the configuration of your TSM servers
  • There are Many More other views