Web Access


There are 2 types of web access :

  1. Access for TSM administrators that need a quick status display or access to the vaulting functions from a web browser.
  2. Access for users that need the backup status for their servers, but who are not allowed to access the TSM server itself.

Customer web

As a TSM administrator, you have "customers". These may be real customers for whom you provide backup facilities or the customers may be the different I/T departments within your own organization that are responsible for their individual servers.
Such "customers" often wish to be able to follow up on the backup status of their servers, but it is not desirable to let them have direct access to the TSM server.

TSMManager provides the following functionality :

  • The TSMManager administrator can define any number of userid/password combinations. Each userid will have web access to the status of backups and statistics for a single domain on a single TSM server. 
  • To access this, start a web browser and go to http://yourcollectorpc:1951
  • The user will be presented with a login window, and after successful login the user can access various data for that single domain only.

Administrator web

  • This access is not protected by userid/password, so you may wish to restrict the possible display of data.
  • The data displayed is global for one TSM server.
  • To access this, start a web browser and go to http://yourcollectorpc:1950